Calley's Barbershop Flat Top and Head Shave VOD - video on demand download

Calley strolls into the 7th Street Barbers barbershop for a flat top haircut. She takes a seat in the retro barber shop, on a comfy 1950's barber chair. A neck strip is wrapped around her neck and the traditional pinstrip cloth barber cape drapped over her. Leaving her hair dry, the Master Barber, Pete, pumps up the chair and flicks the Wahl electric clippers to life. Hair falls to the floor and on the cape. Soon the only hair that Calley has left is on the top her head. Calley is all smiles, as she has been looking forward to such a short haircut for the summer. The barber uses the hair dryer to blow most of the hair from Calley's shoulder's and cape. The barber greases the clippers, sprays water on Calley's remaining hair, and then uses a special comb to give Calley an amazing flat top with the clippers. The duster is used to dust off the shorn hair that has fallen on Calley's face. To make the flat top hair stand, a bit of water, a brush, and a hair dryer is used. The clippers are re-oiled and the flat top's top cut again, making sure the top is flat and even. An Oster clippers with a T-Blade further defines the sides even more. Calley looks drop--gorgous with the resulting flat top hairstyle. But! Although she thinks that the flat top looks great, and it does! She "wants to feel [her] scalp." After a few camera close ups, Calley is ready for the rest of the hair to come off. The barber clippers her head with the Wahl clippers again. Another blast of hot air of the hair dryer, Calley feels her head. After putting on and then removing the hot towel from her head which was used to open the pores, the barber rubs her scalp first with shaving oil and then with hot shaving lather with his hand and brush. The head shaving is done with a disposable razor. Afterwords, an aftershave is applied to Calley's head. Calley looks wonderful with a shaved head. She does show off her favorite wig for the camera. It's a long curly brunette wig, so quite the contrast! After the video's credits is the before the haircut interview with Calley. Length: 52 minutes Size: 601 MB Format: WMV Resolution: 720x480