Winning Shave - Female Head Shave in Stages

Angry because a competitor yanked her ponytail during a bout, this Vulcan Slaughter Roller Derby Girl rolls into a barber shop for a haircut. The barber uses a scissors for a dry cut, just above the derby girl's shoulders. Satisfied, she leaves, but is back after the next game for an even shorter haircut - a pixie - to gain even more speed. Pinstripe cape, paper neck strip, and this brunette beauty is ready to go. Roller derby stakes peeking out from under the hair cutting cape, and her hair falling onto the cape and tumbling onto the floor. With a flick of the switch, the Oster clippers, armed with a guard, come to life and sheers through her ever-shortening hair. A week later after leaving with a pixie, the roller derby girl is back and is hungry for another haircut with a goal in mind - winning with speed. This time, the barber capes in her a red plastic cape. (He doesn't wrap it correctly around her, oops.) With the electric clippers ready, he gives her a buzz cut. Once again, hair piles up on the cape and floor. The cute roller derby girl seems to be enjoying the haircut - notice all her smiles. Spring forward to the week after, and this buzzed headed hottie sits in the barber chair for her final haircut. The barber covers her with a black vinyl cape and paper neck strip. A manual hand clippers bites off her hair on the sides of her head. Deciding that the electric clippers would be faster, the barber turns on the clippers and gives the roller derby girl a Mohawk. When the woman says that she doesn't like the Mohawk, the barber sheers it off, except for one little spot in front. He pulls out an interesting gadget - a Conair Head Groomer - that is specifically designed to shave the head. The barber runs it all over the roller derby girl's head. Afterwards, the barber leaves to take care of something, but since he takes too long, she lathers her head with shaving cream and shaves her own head in the bathroom. So smooth! Be sure to keep watching after the credits roll to see bonus content of a pre-haircut/head shave interview and close ups of finished haircuts and her bald head. *Note, the barber played in this video has never cut hair before. Keep in mind that even the pros had to start from the beginning too.