Tinkai's Barbershop Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

It's now Tinkai's turn to have a seat in the vintage black and white chrome barber chair. She comes prepared and hands the barber the magazine that has a photo of the haircut she would like. She sits down and a neck strip and pinstripe cape are placed upon her. The barber combs out her hair, sectioning it off with clips, before letting the hair fall down and bringing out the clippers. As the clippers bite into her hair, Tinkai reminds the barber not to go any shorter than chin length. Although Tinkai is very nervous, she is having a fun time and makes several jokes. Eva and Kat are talking to her and to each other about hair throughout the video. Hair continues to fall down Tinkai's cape and onto the floor as scissors, thinning sears, and another pair of clippers are used. When the barber brings out the straight-edge razor to clean up Tinkai's nape, Tinkai is a bit scared. The barber sharpens up the blade on a razor strop and reminds her that she isn't at Great Clips anymore. Eva and Kat assures her that all will be okay. Tinkai protests a bit more, but it's too late -- the barber has already begun. Tinkai laughs and smiles during the shave. A brush with powder is also used to brush away the hair from Tinkai's nape and upper back. From the photos we can see Tinkai is pleased with her new look. But what does her husband think of it? Watch the video to find out! duration 34 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480