Emily's Thinning Shears Haircut, Face & Eyebrow & Head Shave VOD - Digital Video Download on Demand

Emily has arrived for her hair appointment to find the stylist busy with another client. Hating to wait, Emily picks up the thinning sears and begins hacking through her bright red hair. The salon cat watches the hair falling on the floor and onto Emily's pretty sundress. The stylist, wearing a stunning tie, dustsEmily off before wrapping a neck strip and a white sheer plastic cape around her. The stylist takes the thinning shears from Emily and uses them to chop the bulk of Emily's hair. After dusting her off, the stylist flicks on the green Stinger electric clippers and buzzes Emily's head. Of course, the stylist stops briefly after half the head is buzzed to show Emily the contrast. Emily looks fabulous in the buzzed look and she feels her head - it's the first time that her hair was ever this short! --- Hot lather is dispensed from the lather machine and brushed onto Emily's head and face. Yes, the eyebrows are shave off too, all shaving done with a straight-edge razor. Before the shaving though, the stylist dons on an apron, and replaces Emily's cape with a neon pink nylon one.This video is approx. 1 hour and 36 minutes, 1112 MB for screen size 720x480, format .wmv