Shelly's Gender Bender with Roller Set and Makeup Makeover - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Bee and Shelly stop by Carmen's beauty salon for Shelly to get a trim. Once in the chair, Bee notices that Shelly's fingernails have a spot of nail polish on them. If Shelly wants to secretly be a girl, he's going to be dressed and taught to be a girl. Thus begins Shelly's gender makeover in this video. Shelly comes back wearing a dress and heels. Carmen washes and sets Shelly's hair, gives her a clay facial, and then Shelly is led to the chair hair dryer to bake for 40 minutes. Once the rods are removed, the cracking clay facial cleaned off, a pink satin cap covers Shelly's curls to keep her hair out of the way of the makeup application. Shelly's hair is then teased and styled. Happy, both Bee and Shelly leave to attend a luncheon. Duration approx. 2 hours and 26 minutes, screen size 640x480, .wmv format  (If you are a guy who wants to be pampered with roller sets and makeup, be sure to stop by Carmen's salon in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Wigs are welcome).