Healthy Icons — 260 medical & health icons
40 hand-drawn St. Valentine's Icons
90 Hand-Drawn Kitchen Icons
80 Hand-Drawn Fruits and Vegetables
70 Hand-Drawn Meals Icons
60 Hand-Drawn Desserts Icons
60 Hand-Drawn Drinks Icons
50 Hand-Drawn Restaurant Icons
Tasty Icons Free
Tasty Icons
Busy Icons Free
Merry Icons Free
Jolly Icons Free Font
Jolly Icons Free
Jolly UI Free
Sunny Icons Free
Spooky Icons Free
Brainy Icons Free
Spooky Icons
Sunny Icons
Jolly Bundle
Jolly UI
Brainy Icons Font
Busy Icons Font
Friendly Icons Font
Busy Icons Ultimate
Brainy Icons Ultimate
Friendly Icons Ultimate
Jolly Icons Ultimate
Jolly Icons Font
Merry Icons
Handy Bundle 1
Friendly Icons
Busy Icons
Brainy Icons
Jolly Icons


Web icons and UI elements


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