Funk Up On It

Chapman Dance Alliance 2018
September 29th Performance
Funk Up on It
Choreographers: Karli Jo List & Mara Hancock
Music: “Workin’ Day and Night” - Michael Jackson
Dancers: Alexis Zdanov, Ally Walchirk, Annaka Vong, Anne Elise Garrison, Arielle Wilson, Bianca Maza-Ro­bles, Bryn Christoffersen, Gabi Anderson, Haley Knapp, Halle Dyer, Lauren Johnston, Meghan Caito, Rosema
rie Marabella, Savannah Sauer, Stephanie Prekeges.
Lighting designers:
Rin Mizumoto
Camille Roberts
Sam Dyck
Sound Board:
Ziad Niazi

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