Last Dance

Chapman Dance Alliance 2019
September 28th Performance
Last Dance
Choreographers: Alli Esposito & Maecey Malone
Music: Last Dance by Donna Summer
Debut performance by our Class of 2023 Dance Majors: Adrienne Paulu, Alana Gregory, Alexis Mankoff, Alison Taylor, Ally Hwu, Alyssa Johnson, Annie Paxton, Ashlyn Burnett, Caroline Carton, Cole Neville, Donny Collinson, Eleanor Simmons, Georgia Conlin, Grace Armbuster, Haleigh Drees, Hayden Dessero, Ione Ogawa, Isabel McKean, Isabella Lown, Isabelle Boyer, Karen Yamasaki, Katie Cleek, Katie Rodeghiero, Kaylah Drees, Kerry Rimmer, Kylie Steuben, Lauren Bramlett, Lindsay Light, Mackenzie Baumert, Macy Meinhart, Maddie Puffenbarger, Mady Mrachek, Marci Mills, Marlie Marzo, Mia Harris, Rachel Beck, Rylee Takahashi, Sarah Childs, Shea Litle, Spencer Seebach, Talia Seitel, Taylor Bolger, Taylor Fine, Taylor Funk, Zanzi Obegi

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