2017-06 Petra

Waist Long Hair to Shoulder Length

Petra is a pretty young lady and she's had long hair since her childhood. It is too long for her and boring and for the first time she wants to change it and cut it much shorter. She has no fear because it's just hair for her a it grows quickly. She can't wait for her change and she has no regret when her long wet strands of hair fall on the floor. At the end she is very gratefull for her makeover and decides to throw her cut-off hair to the nature.


  • Hair at the beginning: Light brown wave waist long
  • Hair at the end: Shoulder length
  • Location: Salon
  • Hairdresser: Female
  • Process: Shampoo, cutting wet hair, drying, styling
  • Interview with model: At the beginning and at the end
  • English subtitles: It'll be in future if sales meets cost
  • Camera: Active
  • Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080, 25 fps, .mkv
  • Size: 925 MB
  • Runtime: 0:47:27

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