Adriana Pixie Haircut

Adriana is a cute and bubbly Malaysian air stewardess. She has lovely eyes, beautiful natural tan-toned skin, and a sweet smile with perfect white teeth. She has silky soft raven black hair.

In April 2019, we cut her hair from long to bob with bangs.

Adriana is a return haircut model. 8 months after her first haircut with us, in December 2019, she requested to model for a haircut makeover. Her hair had grown out to shoulder length, and her bangs grew out to mouth length.

This time, she wanted to cut her hair even shorter for the Christmas season and sport a new look for New Year. She wanted to sport a short hairstyle at least once in her life. Adriana requested a pixie style with a long fringe.

We cut her hair in steps, going through chin length and lip length bobs. Adriana was nervous but excited throughout her haircut, because she has never cut her hair this short ever.

When all is done, Adriana is very happy with her new pixie hairstyle; she looks like a completely different person!

This video is sponsored by a customer and produced according to his script request.

Video length: 59 min

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