Emina Very Long to Bob Haircut

Emina started with thick healthy butt length hair! Suzana role plays as the stylist, and takes Emina on a hair journey, gradually reducing the length. First, we started off with some hair play with hair loose, in braids, and in pigtails. Her side-swept bangs were trimmed into straight eyebrow length bangs.

Next, we reduced Emina's butt length hair to mid-back length with scissors snipping across her back! Then, her hair is tied into a French braid, and the braid cut to shoulder length. After that, we tied her crown hair into a ponytail, and buzzed off the nape hair into an undercut. The remaining hair is braided and cut to the bottom of her neck.

Our resident hairdresser Gorana then took over. Emina's long bob was cut shorter into a stacked angled bob, after which the final style was thoroughly presented. The video ends with Emina and Suzana swapping roles, leaving the viewer to imagine what comes next.

This video is a customized order from a customer.

Video length: 86 min