Aizel Bob Haircut

Aizel is a pretty young lady with hip length silky straight hair. She looks youthful, as do most Asian young women, but we assure you that Aizel is legally an adult (19 years). Aizel is all smiles and excited for her big haircut makeover.

The stylist is more actively involved in the hair play and haircut process. She wears a masquerade face mask to conceal her identity, which also gives a mysterious flavour to her roleplay. We cut Aizel's hair without using cape.

First, we do some hair play on the model including bun drops. The stylist brushes and plays with Aizel's long silky hair for her last time before it is chopped off.

Next, Aizel's hair is tied into high pigtails with front bangs loose framing her face, and the nape hair left loose. The stylist buzzes off the model's nape hair with no clipper attachment. More than 2 feet of shorn hair fell loose to the floor. Aizel then does some hair play with her hair still in pigtails, but now with her nape buzzed to the scalp.

After that, the stylist uses giant scissors to reduce the pigtails' length to mid-back. Aizel's hair and bangs were cut all to the same length at mid-back length. Then, the pigtails were removed and Aizel's hair let loose.

(We then cut her hair from mid-back length to shoulder length. Unfortunately this scene is missing due to the camera phone's overheating problem. Read below for more information.)

Next, we cut Aizel's hair from shoulder length into a long angled bob. Giant scissors chops off more hair, all the while Aizel smiles through. Then, the stylist cuts it shorter into a chin length bob.

Finally, the stylist combed Aizel's front hair over her face, and cut thick and wide bangs across to eyebrow length. See how much hair was chopped off as the stylist piled them up onto Aizel's lap at the end!

This video is the second haircut video produced by our collaborator in the Phillipines. We are still slowly equipping the studio, so the production quality will get better over time. We used softbox lighting for this video. But we still filmed on an iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S has overheating problems when recording long videos. When the phone gets too hot, it turns itself off without warning.

There was a haircut scene in the middle not recorded, because the phone turned itself off, and the stylist did not realise it. The missing scene is the haircut step from mid-back length to shoulder length.

The video also has wind noises in the audio. Because of the overheating problem, the stylist used a fan to cool the phone, resulting in wind noises. I tried my best to reduce the wind noise in the video edit, but it's not possible to completely eliminate it.

We have recently bought a proper camera for our Phillipines studio. Future videos should have much better video and audio quality.

Video length: 45 min