Niki Pixie Haircut

Niki is an exotic Eurasian beauty with mixed Portuguese and Indian ancestry. Most of her long hair is damaged from chemical colour treatment, and she wants to start fresh by cutting it off until only her natural regrowth hair remained.

We cut Niki's hair in steps, gradually shortening it, chopping it off with scissors and clippers, into a final short pixie haircut.

1. Bangs trim
2. Long hair trim
3. Shoulder length
4. Chin length bob
5. Lip length bob
6. Undercut buzz
7. Bowl cut
8. Short pixie

Niki is very happy with her new pixie hairstyle at the end; her hair looks much healthier natural without the damaged coloured ends, and she looks like a completely different person!

This video is sponsored by a customer and produced according to his script request.

Video length: 105 min

Video quality: 1920 x 1080 | 50 fps | H.264 .MP4