Joan Hair Play and Self Trim

Lovely Joan has a truly amazing head of hair. It is very silky and stick straight. Her hair is all one length down to her hips!

The scene starts with Joan releasing her hair from a bun, allowing it to cascade down her back. She then plays with her hair by flicking it around and finger brushing it through. Next, she ties her hair up in various styles:

- low ponytail
- medium ponytail
- high ponytail
- high pigtails
- low pigtails
- double low braids
- single low braid

Next, Joan does some more hair flicking, this time letting her long hair splash audibly against an acoustic surface. After that, Joan lets her hair "fly" in the wind gust of a floor fan.

Finally, Joan picks up the scissors and snipped off about 4 cm from the ends of her hair! We later evened it out off-camera, reducing the length by a further 2 cm.

Video length: 35 min