Suzana, Jelena, and Maja Trio

This video is the first video produced with our new camera and lens. We now have a Panasonic Lumix GH3 hybrid camera; capable of better video quality, bit rate, and frame rate than its predecessor. We also purchased an excellent lens to go with the camera; it is brighter with focal length range optimised for our needs.

In addition, we also recently upgraded our software editing suite, from Adobe Premiere Pro 4.0 to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the improved video quality compared to past productions.

Both Jelena and Maja had their hair cut in previous videos, and now their hair have grown out. Jelena's chin length bob had grown out to her shoulders. Maja's bangs have grown to her chin. They returned to model with Suzana as the host.

Heaps of amazing silky hair play with each other. Includes Maja's hair being put in ponytails, pigtails, and double braids.

Maja gets front layers cut, so that her grown out bangs blend in better with the rest of her hair while she is growing them out. Jelena gets her long bob cut into an angled bob.

At the end, Jelena played with Suzana's super long hair in perfect condition! She also tried on various wigs for fun.

Suzana, Jelena, and Maja had heaps of fun in this video!

Video length: 70 min

There are now two versions of the video:

1080p 25 fps 1.9 GB
1080p 50 fps 5.9 GB