Harisa Long Bob Haircut Part 1

Videos starts off with Suzana brushing Harisa's hair, and then scissor and clipper play on Harisa. Next, they look through photos of various hairstyles, until they found one Harisa is willing to settle for; a long angled bob.

Harisa is then caped for her makeover. Suzana had fun chopping off Harisa's hair, in random chunks of various length and thickness.

After Harisa's formerly waist length hair has been reduced to shoulder length, another stylist takes over to cut the final style into a long angled bob. (Part 2)

To finish off, Suzana takes the final scene, presenting Harisa's new hairstyle. This includes Harisa shaking the bob at the end, something she couldn't do with long hair before.

Video length: 50 min