Amber Bald Shave

Amber is one of our most enthusiastic and fun haircut models we've had; she truly enjoyed her hair modelling and haircut session. Even though there is a fair degree of scripting and direction, most of her acting and emotions in the video genuinely comes from her outgoing bubbly personality.

Following through from the previous video, Amber shows off her long hair in a ponytail for the last time before it is cut. Amber then tells the stylist that she would like to go all the way and shave her head bald! She is all smiles and excited about getting her major drastic hair makeover.

When it is time for the haircut, the stylist puts a barber white stripe around her neck, and puts white cape over her. Amber's ponytail is then chopped off with scissors. Amber shakes her head and commented at how light her head is after the chop, and held the chopped ponytail up next to her.

Amber's rough cut short bob is then cut to a bowlcut style with a trimmer. Then, her hair is cut into a pixie, with faded sides and nape.

Then, Amber's head is buzzed with clippers, progressively shorter with various clipper attachments. We started with #2, then #1, then no guard clippers, and finally to the scalp with trimmers.

Amber requested her head to be shaved smooth, so we put shaving cream on her head, and shaved her head smooth with a safety razor. We oiled her head for a smooth shiny look at the end.

Amber does extensive presentation and talking about her smooth bald head at the end, solo and with the stylist. She also plays with her ponytail, teasing it by putting it on her head.

This video is sponsored and scripted by a customer. Amber mentions the sponsor's alias "Adam" specifically by name in the video, as requested by him. Amber's ponytail now belongs to the sponsor.

Video length: 75 min

Video quality: 1920 x 1080 | 50 fps | H.264 .MP4