Suzana Hair Trim 14

Suzana had not trimmed her hair for 6 months, and the length is almost mid-thigh length. To keep the ends healthy and perfectly blunt straight, we trimmed it to just below the bum. We trimmed off about 5 cm / 2 inches.

Suzana started with long hair show, to present her hair before the trim.

Then, she makes her hair into a ponytail style, and some more hair play.

Next, she trims off tiny bits of hair from the ends of her hair herself.

Suzana then goes off screen to wash her hair. She returns with her wet hair in a towel. She does wet hair play.

Now, the main part of the video. We had 3 cameras filming her hair trim:

A = wide shot showing full hair length on her back
B = close up of the hair ends and trimming action
C = pointed at the floor to capture the hair falling on the floor

The 3 video footages were synced and combined together, so you can see all 3 on the frame.

After the trim, Suzana dries her hair with hair dryer.

Finally, she presents her freshly-trimmed hair at the end with some hair play.

This video is scripted and sponsored by a customer. Special thanks to RealRapunzels for providing the studio space and extra two cameras.

Video length: 45 min