Elyssa Hair Wash

Elyssa, is absolutely gorgeous, with Barbie doll appearance, slim build, honey blonde long hair, and blue eyes. Her hair is waist length, natural, healthy, soft texture, and thicker than it looks. Elyssa is a very experienced model with performance arts background; she is very comfortable in front of the camera, confident, passionate, and natural in acting out her role.

Elyssa does a hair wash video in bikini top. She thoroughly enjoys herself in the whole process.

First, she wets her hair and her whole body in the studio. Next, she uses lots of shampoo, massaging her hair, creating lots of lather. The shampoo is then rinsed off with lots of water, the soapy water draining down her hair and whole body. She repeats the process with conditioner, followed by a final rinse with water, drenching her whole hair and body.

Elyssa then wipes herself dry with a towel, then blow dries her hair, where she enjoys having warm air blowing on her hair and body. She ends with brushing her hair smooth, and brief hair flaunt.

Video length: 19 min