Chinee Bob Haircut

Chinee is a pretty Filipino lady with waist length silky straight hair, ready for a big change. Chinee does a brief hair play and hair brushing at the start. Then, the female stylist brushes the model's hair before the haircut.

First, we trimmed the ends. Then, we cut her bangs just below her eyebrows. Next, we chopped off the long hair in random pieces, first on her left side, then on her right side, into a rough cut shoulder length style.

The stylist then buzzes off Chinee's nape hair to the top of the ears, with no clipper guards. Next, the model's hair is shortened to a chin length bob. The stylist used big tailor scissors to cut the model's hair; producing loud snipping sounds.

After the haircut is tidied, the final style is presented. Then, the stylist drops the pile of cut hair onto the model's hands. Chinee smiled throughout the video, thoroughly enjoying the haircut makeover. She loves her new hairstyle, and it suits her well.

This video is the first haircut video produced by our collaborator in the Phillipines. Since production has just started, they don't yet have proper equipment to produce high quality content. The video was filmed with an iPhone 6S, with a DIY fluorescent tube light box. Nevertheless, we did the best we could with what we have, and the result turned out not bad for a rag tag home studio.

Hopefully if the video sells well, or if we have sponsors to help us out, we can equip the home studio there with better lighting, camera, hairdressing tools, and external microphone (in that order). Then, future videos will have better video quality.