Miss Ya Ting Pixie Haircut in Stages

Product contains video and still photos.

Miss Ya Ting is very pretty with nearly waist length black silky hair. She cuts her hair into a short pixie through various intermediate styles.

1. Hair loose
2. Minor trim
3. High ponytail
4. High pigtails
5. Bangs cut
6. High pigtails with bangs
7. Hair loose with bangs
8. Back hair cut to bra strap length
9. Front hair cut to neck length
10. Japanese princess (hime) style
11. Low pigtails hime style
12. High pigtails hime style
13. Nape buzz
14. High ponytail hime style
15. Steep angle long bob
16. Lip length bob
17. Bowlcut
18. Short pixie with fade buzz

Video length: 88 min

This product is produced by 51Hair for Hair2U according to Hair2U's script, with copyright shared.