Tina & Siani's Long Hair Play & Trim

Siani returns to role play as the hairdresser. The "client" is Tina; she has beautiful long brown hair reaching down to the middle of her bum.

We first brushed it out, back and front view. Then Siani gave Tina a soothing head massage. Next, Tina's hair is tied up into pigtails, double braids, low ponytail, and high ponytail.

Tina hasn't had a proper haircut in 7 years! Siani trimmed off about 5 cm from Tina's hair, front and back view. After that, the girls have even more fun and laughed throughout the next scene!

Siani drenched Tina's hair with water and then combed through her wet hair. After that came the shampooing and conditioning, before rinsing. Tina was thoroughly wet by the end of it! Siani towelled dry Tina's hair.

Off-camera: Tina changed into dry clothing, and her hair was properly trimmed to even it all out. We cut off another 5 cm off the back to match the length in front, making it all one length blunt cut.

Tina returned to get her hair blow dried. The scene ends with Tina doing a brief hair play with her freshly washed, dried and trimmed hair. Her final hair length is waist length just above her bum at the back. Her hair is much thicker and healthier after the trim.

Video length: 62 min