Suzana Hair Pampering & Trim 9

Suzana's magnificent super long hair gets pampered. She brushes it out, and straightens with irons. The hairdresser then measures the hair length, and trim the ends off with clippers. Suzana does some more hair play after the trim. Her hair is amazingly silky, shiny, and healthy!

Unfortunately, the trim was not good, because it was difficult to cut a straight line with the hairdresser positioned at the side. She also accidentally trimmed the first section too short, so the subsequent sections needed to be made progressive longer, resulting in reverse layers, rather than it being a perfect blunt cut. However, Suzana's hair is so thick that that uneven ends underneath the top section are not visible. At the time of the filming, she did not realize this error; she only realized after reviewing the video footage. She was deeply saddened by this. We were also disappointed at the poor cutting results. Perhaps the hairdresser does not have enough experience trimming with clippers, handling such rare super long hair, or positioning optimally for a video shoot. Regardless, what is done is done, and we will learn from this mistake. Fortunately, Suzana's hair is thick and grows very fast, so this error is only short term.

Video length: 30 min