Laura Bob Haircut

Laura had long dark mid-back length hair, which we cut in stages, into an angled mouth length bob with a zero buzzed undercut and bangs.

This video is sponsored and scripted by a customer, hence the long run time.

Here are the steps:

1. Long hair show, showing starting hair length, in side part.
2. High ponytail
3. High pigtails
4. Undercut buzz to above ears (#2 clipper attachment)
5. High pigtails with undercut
6. High ponytail with undercut
7. Loose hair in middle part with undercut
8. High ponytail with undercut
9. Ponytail cut to shoulder length with scissors
10. Undercut buzz (#1 clipper attachment)
11. Long bob cut with clippers
12. Asymmetric bob cut with clippers, side part
13. Angled mouth length bob cut with clippers
14. Wet hair neat trim with scissors
15. Undercut buzz (#0 clipper)
16. Mini pigtails with undercut
17. Bangs cut to eyebrow length with scissors

File size: 4.8 GB

Video length: 134 min