Davina Scissor Play and Hair Trim 3

(We cut out the model's face in the preview image at the model's request for her privacy reasons. The full video when purchased shows her face.)

Beautiful Spanish model Davina gets her hair trimmed in this video. She has below butt length hair, very silky straight with brunette colour. But her ends are bad from past hair colouring job, and she wants to trim off the bad ends. We decided to do it in an interesting manner.

First, we started with hair play and scissor play (pretend cut) by the stylist.

Next, we snipped off the ends of her hair in random uneven pieces, from the front and from the back. The look on her nervous face as she entrusts her locks to the playful stylist is priceless!

Then, we trimmed the hair properly off-camera. We were under studio time constraint, and also we did not want to show the stylist's face on camera, so it's unfortunate we could not record this part.

Finally, Davina shows off her freshly trimmed hair. The ends are cut blunt and straight, and looks so much more healthier. She does some more hair play, flaunting, brushing, and hair shaking with her beautiful silky hair.

She ends with picking up her hair trimmings from the floor, and then dropping it in front of her face in a playful manner!

Video length: 20 min