Maya Nape Buzz and Front Layers

Maya is a pretty 19 years old Vietnamese German girl, with healthy silky straight dark one length hair down to her waist. She is ready for a major haircut makeover!

In this first part, Maya had her hair trimmed, nape buzzed, and front layers cut into her one length hair.

The nape hair was chopped off with scissors first, then buzzed with clippers to #3 length on top, tapered to #1 at the bottom. Maya cut her front hair herself with scissors, then the stylist cut the front layers properly.

Lots of hair play, flicking, and brushing. The hair styles include: loose hair, high ponytails, high pigtails, and fake clip-on bangs. The hair play scenes are in slow-motion.

Video length: 114 min

Video quality: 1080 x 1920 | 25 fps | H.264 .MP4

Maya Nape Buzz and Front Layers

Maya Pixie Haircut

Photo Set - Maya