Johanna POV Bob Haircut

Johanna is a pretty Colombian model with waist length silky soft dark hair. She continues with her hair modelling by cutting her hair into a blunt angled bob.

First, she cuts off the ends of her waist length hair herself. Then, she gives the scissors to the "viewer" to trim the hair evenly to mid-back length.

Johanna then lets the "viewer" chop off her hair into a bob. Her long silky hair is chopped off bit by bit in random uneven pieces with big scissors. Excellent crisp and loud snipping sounds from the scissors.

Finally, the "viewer" uses a trimmer and proper salon scissors, to tidy the hair into a blunt cut angled bob.

Johanna thoroughly enjoyed her haircut makeover experience, as evident from her sweet smiles throughout the shoot session. English is not her first language, so she struggles to speak it. But she makes up for it with her non-vocal acting in allowing her hair play and haircut be done through first person view setup.

We intentionally shot this video in vertical portrait orientation, and in POV method. This gives the feel of first person perspective. This video is optimised for viewing on vertical devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Video orientation: vertical portrait

Video length: 64 min

Video quality: 1080 x 1920 | 25 fps | H.264 .MP4