Isabel Buzz Haircut

Isabel is a beautiful Spanish model with waist length hair in superb healthy silky straight condition.

In this second part, Isabel gets a drastic haircut makeover in steps! First, we trimmed her hair, cutting off the uneven damaged ends, taking her from waist length to mid-back length. Her hair ends look so much more healthy after the trim.

Next, we chopped bangs into her hair. We gave her thick and wide bangs, straight across at her eyebrows. This new look framed her face nicely.

After that, we gave her a very high undercut buzz, up to about an inch above the top of her ears! Isabel enjoyed it as we chopped off the bulk of her hair and buzzed it. She models this undercut style with her hair in pigtails and ponytails, which looks amazing with undercut buzz.

The next step, we cut the front side pieces into a half bob Japanese anime princess (hime) style.

Isabel then takes the scissors and chops off the last of her long hair herself. We then cut her hair into a full chin length bob. After that, we cut the back higher, exposing the buzzed nape, and gave her an angled chin length bob.

Next, we cut her a bowlcut style, using scissors to chop off her hair all around her head, level with her bangs.

After that, the clippers comes out again, and we buzzed off the crown, but retained the thick bangs, to make a Chelsea style.

Isabel then takes the clippers, and buzzes off the bangs herself. Unfortunately, this video is missing from the main camera. We were very disappointed that we did not have this footage, and we were not sure what happened. It could either be that we did not press the record button properly (not recorded), or that video file was somehow not transferred over to our computer after the shoot. The SD cards from the camera have been formatted a few times after that session (to make space for other productions), so it was not possible to recover the original content anymore.

But all is not totally lost. We have a security camera recording the entire session, so we inserted the relevant footage from that camera instead in place of the missing footage from the main camera. Unfortunately, the security camera has very low resolution and quality, and is more obvious when upscaled to Full HD. But it is better than nothing. We also included some still photos in the video to make up for the missing videos from the main camera.

Isabel is very happy at the end when her head was buzzed to a clipper attachment of #1.5 (about 4.5 mm). This is something she has wanted to do in a while, and modelling for our production was the right moment for it. She loves her new buzzcut look!

In this video, we experimented with video shoot and post-production edit method. The video is a mix of third person and first person view, the later done when it is practical for the scene. We also shot the video in vertical portrait orientation in 4K resolution. We also had a second camera aimed at the floor or lap of the model, to capture shots of hair falling during haircut scenes.

Since we shot at 4K resolution, we could edit the final video into two orientation formats to make full use of the space available when downscaled to 1080p resolution. We have included frame grab samples from both orientation formats, as previews of what to expect.

Buyers will get both formats when they purchase the content. This way, buyers can watch the vertical format on a mobile phone, and horizontal format on a computer monitor, tablet, or tv.

Editing content shot this way, especially in 4K resolution, takes up significant amount of time. Therefore, we will only consider doing it this way for truly exceptional models and drastic haircut makeovers like this.

Video length: 89 min

Video format: Full HD | 30 fps | H.264 .MP4

Isabel Hair Play video:

Isabel Buzz Haircut video:

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