Yaniva August 2018 Self Haircut (Video and Photos)

Yaniva is a lovely Mexican young woman and Hair2U's model. She has amazing silky straight brunette hair. Her hair was butt length in August 2018 before she cut it and the hair sold to a private collector.

Yaniva is now growing her hair again, with goal of attaining butt length hair again in the future. She will be making regular videos and photos for Hair2U at various stages of her hair growth journey.

Yaniva has also sold the rights of some of her previous content, including videos of the August 2018 big chop, and long hair photos, to Hair2U.

This combo package contains:

1. Video: Yaniva's butt length to bob self cut at home (5 min / 2 cameras)

2. Photos: Yaniva's last moments of long hair before haircut (17 photos / 18 megapixels)

3. Photos: Yaniva's fresh bob style after tidied at salon (3 photos / 18 megapixels)