Zeljana Long to Bob Haircut

Our previous model Jelena returned, and this time she brought her cousin Zeljana. Beautiful Zeljana has mid-back length straight thick dark hair in excellent condition and texture! They discussed that she needed a haircut, Suzana as the stylist.

We started with wetting Zeljana's hair with a spray bottle, and Suzana played with the wet hair. Then, the ends were trimmed wet with scissors so that the hair is perfectly one length with blunt ends at bra-strap length. Then, the hair is dried and straightened.

Some more hair play including scissor and clipper play, and Zeljana's hair is put into pigtails. 

Then, her bangs were cut. Then, we sectioned the rest of her hair into a top and nape section in mini ponytails. The nape section was buzzed with clippers, and the top section ponytail cut off with scissors.

Gorana (professional hairdresser) then cuts Zeljana's hair into the final style; angled stacked bob with light bangs.

At the end, Jelena and Zeljana played with Suzana's hair, threatening to cut it off, in revenge for cutting their hair off.

Video length: 93 min