Lorena Bob Haircut

Lorena is an Italian model with thick curly dark hair, ready for haircut makeover change!

First, we cut her hair roughly from shoulder length to a long bob. Then, we buzzed her nape with clippers. Next, we cut her hair into a steep angled bob. The back of her nape is exposed, and the front is long below her chin.

She loves her new haircut, since it took a lot of weight off her head, and got a sassy style in return!

Video length: 60 min

On the technical aspects, this video is also one of the first time we tried new things.

1. Shot in our new home studio.

2. The stylist cuts hair using the point-of-view (POV) camera angle. This gives the viewer the same perspective as the stylist.

3. The audio is vastly improved. We had one microphone mounted on top of the camera facing the model from the front, and we had a second microphone placed directly behind the model's head. We mixed both the direct and ambient sound sources together in post-production, and the result is a very crisp sound.

In light of those three factors above, this video represents one step up in our production. Hair2U always strives to produce high quality content to our customers. This is the technical standard we aim to bring to our customers in future productions. Your support would enable us to invest not only in future models, but also better or additional production equipment in our studio.