Nikolina Long to Wedge Bob Haircut

Nikolina's amazing thick straight silky hair is cut into a short wedge bob style in this video! Suzana snips away at Nikolina's hair, shortening it bit by bit. From midback length, to bra strap length, to shoulder length, and then a jaw length bob. Suzana also plays with Nikolina's intermediate hair styles along the way. 

A trained hairdresser then steps in to tidy up the final style into a lip length bob. She uses clippers to cut a blunt precision bob.  

After that, the roles are reversed, and Suzana sits on the hot seat. Nikolina plays with Suzana's super long hair, and threatens with scissors and clippers. Then, both of them sit next to each other, and brush and play with their hair simultaneously. The contrast between Suzana's butt length hair and Nikolina's freshly cut short bob is amazing.  

However, Nikolina's style was not short enough. So she returned the next day to get it cut to nose length, with the nape tapered. Unfortunately, there was a recording error in the camera in this second session, and the second clipper cut footage is lost. However, the footage of Nikolina presenting her short wedge bob after that is intact, and attached to the end of the video.  

This video is a custom video request scripted by a customer.  

Video length: 88 min