Amber Hair Wash and Bangs Trim

Amber is one of our most enthusiastic and fun models we've had; she truly enjoyed her hair modelling session. Even though there is a fair degree of scripting and direction, most of her acting and emotions in the video genuinely comes from her outgoing bubbly personality.

In this video, the role-playing stylist Janani is also a long hair model herself; her videos will be released in the future.

The video starts with the stylist Janani and model Amber doing mutual hair play on each other, and solo. The stylist's hair is then put up into a high ponytail, and remains so for the rest of the video.

Amber's hair is washed, with shampoo, conditioner, and rinsed with water. She is thoroughly drenched in water and we did some wet hair play. After that, Amber's grown-out bangs is cut short above her eyebrows. Finally, her hair is dried, and put up into a high ponytail.

This video is sponsored and scripted by a customer. Amber mentions the sponsor's alias "Adam" specifically by name in the video, as requested by him.

Video length: 45 min

Video quality: 1920 x 1080 | 50 fps | H.264 .MP4