Annie's Long Hair Play & Shampoo

Annie plays with her hair in various different ways. First, she playfully flicks her hair around and runs her fingers through. Next, Annie ties her hair into ponytails and pigtails, and plays with them. Next, she teases with the sound of her hair slapping against an acoustic surface. The climax of the video in the middle shows Annie wetting her hair with a wet towel. With her hair wet, she brushes through it and teases cutting her hair with scissors! Annie then proceeds on to shampoo and condition her hair on camera! After rinsing off the soap suds from her hair, she then blow dries her hair. With her hair freshly washed, Annie steps in front of a powerful fan to do some more flying hair play, followed by brushing it out with a hand brush. Finally, when all is done, Annie grabs the clippers and brings it up close to her hair line for a final tease!

Video length: 66 min