Miss Yun Long to Bald (All Parts)

Miss Yun all parts:

  • Part 0: Bonus free video (18 min)
  • Part 1: Hair play and trim (56 min)
  • Part 2: Long to pixie in stages (89 min)
  • Part 3: Pixie to bald shave (75 min)
Part 0:

Miss Yun hair styled in pigtails and ponytail, with cute bunny head band.

Video length: 18 min

Part 1:

Miss Yun long hair play. Hair styled in pigtails and ponytails. Wet hair play. Ponytail trim. Wet hair trim.

Video length: 56 min

Part 2:

Miss Yun cuts her hair short through various stages.

Asymmetric, shoulder length and mid-back length
Asymmetric, chin length bob and shoulder length
Asymmetric, lip length bob and long bob, angled
Long pixie
Short pixie

Video length: 89 min

Part 3:

Miss Yun shaves her head bald.
Short pixie side and nape taper buzz.
#1 Clipper attachment buzz.
#0 Clipper buzz.
Razor shave with shaving cream.

Video length: 75 min