Aizel Hair Play (FREE)

Aizel is a pretty young lady with hip length silky straight hair. She looks youthful, as do most Asian young women, but we assure you that Aizel is legally an adult (19 years).

The stylist is actively involved in the hair play. She wears a masquerade face mask to conceal her identity, which also gives a mysterious flavour to her roleplay.

This video contains extensive hair play by the stylist, and the model solo, with hair in various ponytail and pigtail styles. Both Aizel and the stylist thoroughly enjoyed the hair play session.

This video is produced by our collaborator in the Phillipines. We are still slowly equipping the studio, so the production quality will get better over time. We used softbox lighting for this video. But we still filmed on an iPhone 6S.

We have recently bought a proper camera for our Phillipines studio. Future videos should have much better video and audio quality.

Video length: 85 min