Melisa Waist Length to Long Bob Haircut

Beautiful Melisa has amazing thick honey blonde waist length hair. She gets a one length long bob haircut in this video.

But first, we pampered her hair with brushing and straightening. Then, we trim off the thin ends, and made a ponytail style. When it is time for the haircut, both Melisa and Suzana cuts off Melisa's hair piece by piece until it is shoulder length. Finally, the hair is cut to a long bob and styled straight.

Unfortunately due to a technical error, the last 21 minutes of the video is not focussed properly. We did not realize it until the end of the production. We are usually very careful to ensure high quality production and try to avoid human error. Since it is a haircut video, obviously we cannot reshoot the scenes. We tried our best to sharpen the video footage ain post-production, but it ends up looking "grungy". Better that than out-of-focus I suppose.

We apologize in advance for reduced viewing experience. We suggest reducing the video window size to 50% or less for the out-of-focus portion of the video, so that it is somewhat watchable.

Video length: 65 min