Nora Shampoo and Wet Hair Play

Introducing the new beautiful model Nora from Norway. Her natural honey blonde waist length hair is very healthy, soft, and silky! Even though Nora is new, her hair modelling is top-notch and she is playful.

Her hair play in this video:

1. Hair brushed in side part
2. Hair made wet and combed in side part
3. Hair shampoo with a lot of foam
4. Hair rinsed with water
5. Conditioner applied
6. Hair rinsed with water
7. Wet hair flicking
8. Wet hair head massage
9. Hair blow dried with hairdryer
10. Hair play, showing silky smooth hair
11. Half ponytail hair style

We deliberately have her wear a black top, and sit in front of a black background for contrast, so that her beautiful honey blonde hair stands out better.

This video was produced by RealRapunzels according to Hair2U's script, with copyright fully belonging to Hair2U.

Video length: 68 min