Adriana Bob Haircut

Adriana is a cute and bubbly Malaysian air stewardess. She has lovely eyes, beautiful natural tan-toned skin, and a sweet smile. She has silky soft raven black hair. After her previous long hair play, she decides it's time for a hair makeover change.

She wanted a bob haircut, so we cut her hair in stages.

First, she chops off her own hair from mid-back length to shoulder length. Then, we tidy it up into a shoulder length style.

Next, we cut the hair into a long bob. This is the shortest her hair has ever been since her childhood.

But she wanted to go shorter. So we cut her a graduated angled chin length bob, and gave her cute bangs!

Adriana looks even more adorable bobbed and banged! She enjoyed the makeover and really loves her new hair style!

This video was shot with my new camera; the Lumix G85. The video quality is superb for the price of the camera. It is capable of shooting at 50 fps at 1080p, which enables smooth capturing of hair movements, and smooth slow-motion edits.

Video length: 61 min