Miss Lu Super Long to Bob Haircut in Stages

Miss Lu returns for her haircut makeover. She started with butt length hair, and is willing to get a chin length bob style with bangs and buzzed undercut. The hair is gradually shortened in stages, self cut and also cut by the stylist.

- butt length
- hip length
- waist lengtht
- mid-back length
- bra strap length
- shoulder length
- long bob
- chin length bob (with clippers)
- undercut buzz #0
- bangs

Brief hair presentation at each step, including ponytail and pigtails at a few steps. Miss Lu thoroughly enjoys the makeover, as shown by her big smile and laughs throughout the video.

Great video for those who love self-haircuts in steps.

This video is scripted and sponsored by Hair2U, and produced by 51Hair.

Video length: 90 min