Diana Hair Wash

Diana is a gorgeous Russian with below butt length silky straight brunette hair. She does a hair wash video lasting more than an hour throughout the whole process.

1. Brief long hair play in the bath tub before the wash.
2. Wetting the hair with a spray bottle.
3. Shampooing the hair.
4. Rinsing with water, hair over the front.
5. Applying conditioner.
6. Rinsing with water, hair over the front.
7. Wiping the hair dry with a towel.
8. Putting her hair into a turban style with the towel.
9. Blow drying the hair.
10. Brushing the hair smooth.
11. Long hair play after the wash.

Diana thoroughly enjoys modelling, and is very playful and passionate.

Note that the video was intentionally filmed in vertical portrait orientation. This way, the available pixels are optimised to show the full hair length.

Video length: 71 min