Nicole ASMR Bob Haircut in Stages

Nicole is a red head ginger with bra strap length hair and blue eyes. Her hair is cut in stages, and she interacts with the stylist and viewer with a whispering ASMR voice.

At each step of the makeover, Nicole does hair play (slow motion), and talks to the viewer in ASMR voice. She keeps asking the stylist to cut more of her hair off, until she ends up with a chin length bob with buzzed nape and short bangs!

The hair styles she went through in this video:

1. Hair down
2. High pigtails with long fringe loose
3. Nape hair cut rough with big scissors
3. Nape buzz with #1 attachment and tapered
4. High ponytail with long fringe loose
5. Fringe cut with scissors
6. Hair down with new fringe
7. High pigtails with new fringe
8. Japanese anime princess "Hime" style (half bob style), in high pigtails
9. Hair down with new "Hime" style
10. High ponytail with new "Hime" style
11. Hair down, and cut rough with big scissors
12. Chin length bob hair cut wet
13. Short fringe cut with scissors

The microphone setup for this video is optimised for ASMR. The audio clarity is excellent; her ASMR whispering voice is clear, and the sound of scissors and clippers are crisp. This video is one of our best so far in terms of image quality, audio quality, video edit, and entertainment value in the haircut makeover done in ASMR method.