Nora Hair Play 1

Nora returns for more long hair show. Her natural honey blonde hair is extremely silky straight, healthy, and perfectly blunt one length, waist length. Plenty of amazing long hair show in this video.

- Hair brushing
- Hair flicking
- Hair shaking
- Top bun style, and bun drop
- Side buns style, and bun drop
- Ponytail style, front hair loose
- Pigtails style, front hair loose
- Pigtails style
- Ponytail style
- Side part

The video is shot against a black background, so her hair contrasts even more. Video was shot at 60 fps, which is great for smoother hair motion.

Nora is growing her hair out longer, with goal to become a "real Rapunzel" with hair at least classic length. Expect to see more of her in the future.

This video was produced by RealRapunzels according to Hair2U's script, with copyright fully belonging to Hair2U.

Video length: 60 min