Yaniva Bob Trim and Play 2

Yaniva's bob has grown out and the ends have become uneven and the bob lost its shape. Her goal is still to grow her hair long, but the grown out bob needs to be trimmed, so that the shape looks good, and the hair ends neat.

The hair trim is done at home, with Yaniva's mother as the stylist. The hair is cut wet and the blow dried. We used two cameras for the haircut; her Canon DSLR camera, and her Samsung phone. Video is edited with both footages combined in split screen. The haircut is done outdoors under a porch, so there is a lot of environmental noise. But the lighting is excellent as a result.

Surprise visit by Yaniva's cat during the process.

Yaniva opted to part her hair in the middle for the haircut, and for the hair play. This is different from her usual natural side part.

Video length: 37 min

For the hair play after the trim, Yaniva does extensive bob hair shake, brushing, and using hair accessories like bunny ears and flower in her hair.

This video is a gem for bob hair style lovers!

Video length: 27 min

The product package contains 2 videos (1 hair trim, and 1 hair play), and 1 photo set (hi-res before and after mugshots).