Toni's Headshave

Toni is used to having extreme, unconventional hairstyles in the past. When she came in to model, she had a grown out undercut and shoulder length hair. She was nervous but very excited for her most extreme cut yet; a full headshave!

We decided to make it fun by hacking her hair off gradually shorter on the way to smooth bald to the scalp!

#1 Angled long bob
#2 No 0 shaved undercut
#3 Chin length bob with bangs
#4 Bowlcut
#5 No 2 clipper attachment "jarhead" style
#6 No 0 clipper shave
#7 Razor shave

Toni's facial expressions throughout are gold, especially when the clippers and razor were mowed across her head for the first time! Toni emerged at the end a bald beauty!

Video length: 47 min