Hair Trim

Kanika Hair Trim 3
Daphne Scissor Play and Hair Trim 3
Brankica Haircut
Nina Braids and Trim
Yaniva Bob Trim and Play 2
Suzana Hair Trim 14
Miss Yun Hair Play and Trim (Part 1)
Jelena Bob Haircut and Slow Motion Hair Play
Nina Sleek Hair and Trim
Joan Hair Play and Self Trim
Vanja Bob Haircut and Style Makeover
Maja Hair Styles and Bangs Cut
Suzana Hair Pampering & Trim 9
Natasha Hair Play
Miss Yi Hair Wash & Trim (FREE)
Helena Hair Play & Trim
Friends Hair Trim & Bangs
Suzana 7 Hair Trim
LianYun Hair Play, Trim & Bangs
Lulu's Hair Play, Trim & Bangs
Cheryl Trim & Bangs
Christy's Long Hair Trim
Tina & Siani's Long Hair Play & Trim
Jess's Shoulder Length Haircut
Elle's Long Hair Trim & Play
Marie's Shoulder Length Trim (FREE)
Ferziene's Shoulder Length Haircut
Britney's Hair Trim

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