TRIADS: Painting in Three Colors

Painting with just three colors plus white opens up exciting horizons for both beginning and experienced painters. It gives your pictures a unified and harmonious effect, and you become much more familiar with your pigments and how they interact. 

In this video workshop, Part 2 of my Color in Practice series, I bring you along as I paint more than a half a dozen triadic paintings on location. But this isn't just a "watch me paint" video. I also present two valuable classroom exercises: "The Triad Test" and the "Eight Gray Test."

I'll be using gouache and casein, but the painting insights are universal and will benefit painters in oil, acrylic, and even digital as well.

"Simple, essential exercises that are not only easy to grasp and comprehend but also fun and challenging to master." —Nicolás Uribe

Full video is 90 minutes 1080p HD, plus PDF Learning Supplement