How I Paint Dinosaurs

Join artist James Gurney in his studio as he shows you how he creates two dinosaur paintings for Scientific American magazine.

Gurney demonstrates and explains every step, close-up and in detail, including research, thumbnail sketches, 3D reference maquettes, preliminary drawing, planning the color scheme, and the final oil painting.

The method is helpful for any artist wishing to create a realistic image of an imaginary subject.

53 minutes. Widescreen HD 1080p plus PDF supplement

Praise for “How I Paint Dinosaurs”
"Gurney not only knows dinosaurs but is a master painter of light and shadow, and he shares his techniques in an easily understandable and informal way. I learned much from watching this.” —Mark Hallett, paleoartist

“Who needs a time machine to see life in the Mesozoic? Just let Jim paint it for you. Here is how True Magic is done. Now it is your turn to learn to make magic.” —Michael K. Brett-Surman, PhD., co-editor of The Complete Dinosaur

"Even though it's called 'How I Paint Dinosaurs', it should really be called 'How I Paint Stuff', as all the techniques are applicable to any form of fantasy art." —Dan Dos Santos, illustrator and contributor to the Muddy Colors blog

"’How I Paint Dinosaurs’ by James Gurney is a superb adventure into the world of hands-on professional illustration; using dinosaurs as the vehicle, it packs an entire art school into one engaging, thoroughly entertaining package." —Terryl Whitlatch, creature designer and concept artist

"This video is like like a personal visit to James Gurney's studio as he completes two paintings step-by-step. His approach is comprehensive and understandable. Painters of all stripes will glean valuable insights not found elsewhere. This DVD will occupy a prime spot in my library." —Brad Teare, Thick Paint Blog

“How I Paint Dinosaurs is a fascinating, detailed look into the making of the masterful dinosaur creations of James Gurney. I loved following his creative process, from the initial ideas, through the scientifically informed and accurate paleo-reconstructions, to the final stunning artwork. I found this video to be extremely informative and creative, and I have to say that I was completely inspired to draw dinosaurs!” —Mick Ellison, paleoartist, American Museum of Natural History 

"In this day and age of speed paintings and photo bashed images, ‘How I Paint Dinosaurs’ is a refreshing reminder of the value of a well researched, studied, and executed piece of art. I highly recommend any artist, be they dinosaur lovers or no, to watch this DVD and replenish their artistic soul. Long Live Mr. Kooks!" - Jackson Sze, Senior Concept Illustrator at Marvel Studios