Flower Painting in the Wild

Follow James Gurney as he creates five plein-air paintings of flowers outdoors in their natural setting. Each episode looks at a different kind of flower: cleome, daylily, peony, garden rose, and wild rose.

The video covers every stage of the painting process, along with the list of colors, the palette mixtures, and the view of the subject as it moves and changes.

Gurney uses gouache and casein, which are fast-drying, opaque, water-based media, ideal for floral studies. The painting insights are universal and will benefit oil and acrylic painters as well. Gurney shares valuable insights into brushes, underpainting colors, and painting tips that will help you capture any complex subject.

69 minutes widescreen 1080p HD video.

Praise for Flower Painting in the Wild
"Practical, erudite and charming."
Elissa Gore, Landscape Painting Instructor, New York Botanical Garden

"A treat for any artist." 
Michael Klein, East Oaks Studio

"Gurney is a master at explaining how to handle clustered masses of plant parts."
—Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Manager of School of Botanical Art & Illustration, Denver Botanic Gardens

“The video is a great way to learn painting flowers outdoors in any medium.”
—Eleinne Basa