Evgeny Pobozhiy - Beyond The Jazz Guitar

Evgeny Pobozhiy, is a virtuoso guitarist with a busy profile on the Moscow jazz scene, as well as winner the prestigious Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz International Guitar Competition.

In this package the great Evgeny Pobozhiy will show you 3 incredible licks over the same chord progression: Fm9 - B13(b9) - Ebm9 - Ab7(#5#9)

The first lick is called Inside because the notes follow the chord progression. The second one is called Chromatic; the notes of the chords are connected to each other with really interesting chromatic lines.
The third lick is called Outside as there are notes off the scales usually used on this chords of progression.

What will you get?

- 3 videos and two executions for each lick:
‣ Full and half speed

- 2 Backing Tracks:
‣ Full and half speed

- 4 Full Tabs.
‣ One for each lick and one with the scales.

- File Read Me with tips and tricks for each lick